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From: Dr. Katie Woodley
The Natural Pet Doctor


I’m Dr. Katie Woodley, an integrative holistic veterinarian, who’s on a mission to make sure pet parents like you have natural pet treatment options, along with empowering you with holistic medicine education.

While I’ve been doing this for years now, unfortunately, it never used to be this way. In veterinary school, I was only taught the traditional way to treat patients using drugs to mask the symptoms which, to my dismay, rarely worked long-term.

Then early in my career, all of a sudden, my husband developed an autoimmune disease. Doctor after doctor told us that food didn’t matter, herbs wouldn’t work and that he’d have to be on strong immuno-suppressive drugs for life, but as we continued to research on our own, we found that other people were having success with a more holistic lifestyle.

So we gave it a try.

And both of our lives dramatically changed from that point forward. My husband was able to reverse his autoimmune disease without the help of immuno-suppressive drugs.

He used food therapy, herbs, and other holistic options. I wanted to be on that journey with him so I also started prioritizing my health using the same options and we’ve both been the healthiest of our lives ever since.

Then I had this thought…

“I wonder if I can use this for my animal patients too”

We were never taught holistic medicine in veterinary school. However, I knew there had to be a way… a better way!

As I delved deeper into researching holistic medicine for pets, I found that it was possible, and it provided a lot more options than just approaching health from a conventional perspective and only treating symptoms.

We could treat the root cause of the disease and fix so many pets.

Colleagues in my industry called me crazy. Dozens of experienced vets told me it’d never work..

Yet I’ve now helped thousands of pet owners across the USA and worldwide regenerate and restore their pet’s health even when they were told they should give up!

But know this, I’ve personally been where you are…

When my soul pup, Finn, was diagnosed with a brain tumor after starting to have seizures, he truly showed me that when we integrate holistic medicine into our pet’s lives, they can do well and live longer than if we only had conventional medicine.

Finn was given 1 week to live...

...after a CT scan showed a brain tumor that was creating severe brain swelling and impinging on his optic nerve.

Surgery was not an option for our 10-year-old German Shepherd and radiation would most likely leave him blind due to the location of the tumor.

Conventional medications, prednisone, and anti-seizure meds were prescribed to reduce the brain swelling but left Finn unable to eat, stand, and led to vomiting and diarrhea.

But I was able to take him off of these meds and utilize acupuncture, pet CBD oil, herbal medicine, and supplements, alongside healthy homemade pet nutrition.

This experience was very difficult but left me very grateful for my holistic pet health knowledge to help my boy feel his best to the very end.

The best part was we were able to gain another year of amazing quality of life and many more memories with Finn when all felt lost.

Becoming certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine was a game-changer in helping pets feel their best.

By integrating conventional medicine knowledge with a holistic approach, we achieve better patient outcomes than using conventional medicine alone, so that you don’t have to feel lost and hopeless ever again.

Patients like:

  • 12 year old Puggle, Duke, who had severe allergies that could never be controlled with strong medications, we were able to provide relief within weeks with herbs and essential oils and now Duke is free from strong medications
  • 10 year old kitty, Chuckie, who had a liver infection and had severe reactions to conventional medications, we were able to resolve the infection and side effects with the power of herbal medicine
  • 4 year old Australian Shepherd, Ziva, who had severe skin infections around her vulva and the only option given to her was surgery, we have been able to avoid surgery by using specific food therapy strategies and herbal medicine formulated to Ziva’s specific needs, and 3 years later, Ziva is still doing incredible

If you had told me at the start of my veterinarian career I would be helping patients like these not only recover, but get back to full health again, I thought it would never be possible.

Now that I’ve helped so many pets and their pet owners I know how successful it can be, and I want that for you and your pet too!


So... What Are These Natural Therapies?

(And how can I learn when to use them!?!)

Over the past decade, I’ve helped thousands of pet owners figure out the most effective protocols they need to help their beloved pets for almost any situation you can dream of.

  • If your goal is to reverse chronic disease in your pet, I have information for that...
  • If your goal is to prevent disease and ensure a long healthy life for your pet, I have information for that as well…

Together we can help you with the best next steps and answer every question you have to help your pet thrive naturally well into their later years.


Holistic medicine isn't always easy to find for your pets.


Taking good care of your pets is often hard.

Conventional vet's answers are usually too general in nature, and you don’t feel like it’s completely relevant for your pet.

You know deep down there’s a better solution for your pet but you feel uncomfortable or scared to ask your local vet who isn’t as open-minded.

The truth is we’re not commonly taught holistic medicine in veterinary school. This is why most veterinarians shy away when pet parents ask them about alternative forms of medicine.

My mission is to bridge this gap of Eastern with conventional and provide the safe and effective treatment options you're seeking for your fur family.

This is why I created the VIP Natural Pet Parent's Club for you. You'll receive incredible educational webinars, delivered to you every month live by veterinary experts along with other content and guides tailored for you to keep your pet healthy.

You'll also become a part of an incredible worldwide holistic pet parent community that is knowledgeable, supportive, and wants to help your pet thrive.

Join the VIP Natural Pet Parent's Club today to receive the help and guidance you’re searching for to help your pets live their best life!


Welcome to 

VIP Natural Pet Parent Club

Our VIP Natural Pet Parent Club is for ANY pet parent who wants the best for their pet and the tools to help guide them to a holistic life for their pets so that they can live free of disease without unwanted, expensive vet visits. 

natural pet club

Our VIP club is the most valuable and convenient place to find actionable holistic pet health advice when you need it.

When you become a member today you’ll get instant access to all of the holistic medicine information you need at the tip of your fingers.

You’ll find the answers you're looking for within our educational webinars, numerous guides, and resources in the member's area.

You’ll get to ask holistic experts questions in the live webinars and chat with other pet parent members in our private group.

You’ll become a part of a growing community of like-minded pet parents who are going through the same struggles and learnings as you. I guarantee you won't regret it and your pet will reward you with warm, furry snuggles and wet kisses for years to come.

You're ready for our club if:

  • You want to learn the FASTEST APPROACH to support YOUR PET'S HEALTH for the rest of their life so that they have ENERGY and ZEST to greet you at the door every day you get home.

  • You want SIMPLE AND EASY TIPS THAT YOU CAN IMPLEMENT IMMEDIATELY to help give your pet that "get up and go" VITALITY to enjoy an active life with them well into their later years.

  • You want to SAVE MONEY on vet bills and focus on keeping your fur family healthy without stress and worry, because you have a plan and guidance.

  • You want to FEEL EMPOWERED in the medical choices you make for your pets so that the sweet, loving look in your precious pet's eyes greet you for years to come.

  • You want to JOIN A COMMUNITY of like-minded pet lovers so that you have the SUPPORT, GUIDANCE, and sense of BELONGING with other pet parents.

  • You want to join a community where there is NO JUDGMENT on a holistic approach to your pet's care.





  • 1-hour live monthly webinar with holistic experts
  • Access to a private members-only forum
  • 10% off personalized consultations with Dr. Katie
  • Weekly newsletter with pet wellness tips
  • Access to bonus webinars and additional resources
  • Numerous pet holistic health guides
  • Access to downloadable PDF PowerPoint presentations to easily follow along with the webinars
  • Support from like-minded pet parents
  • Each month ask questions at the live Q&A at the monthly webinar


$350 per year
(SAVE Over $100)


  • Pay the entire year in advance and save!
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis by Dr. Katie to assess the cellular function of one pet
  • All benefits as monthly: 1-hour live webinar, access to the private members-only forum, a weekly newsletter, additional resources, and bonuses
  • 15% off private consultations with Dr. Katie for the entire year!
  • PLUS THIS EXCLUSIVE COURSE UNLOCKED NOW: Holistic Pet Wellness Course (a $197 value) which provides in-depth easy to implement wellness tips for your dogs and cats during each life-stage to optimize health and wellness for your beloved fur family
  • *7-Day Refund Guarantee. If you don't love it within 7-days get a no-question asked refund. 

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside When You Join Today

Educational Webinars

A new webinar every month on a brand new topic. You’ll also be able to request new future topics that are relevant to your current challenges with your pet.

Past Recorded Webinars

20+ recordings of every past webinar to date (more than 24 hours worth of valuable tips that you can watch at any time)

Downloadable Resources

A Downloadable PDF resource to complement each webinar so you can easily follow along and take notes or prompt you with critical points you want to remember

Live Q&A with Dr. Katie

Access to a private members-only forum with monthly live Q&A with Dr. Katie to get your most pressing questions answered to support your pet health journey

Weekly Newsletter

A detailed weekly newsletter with pet wellness tips to remind you that there’s always a solution to every question you have

A Supportive Community

Support from like-minded pet parents in the community, many of whom have been in the same situation you’re probably in right now.

Our Webinars Cover Topics Ranging From

  • Allergies
  • Cancer
  • Nutrition
  • Grain-free Controversy
  • Essential Oils
  • Kidney Disease in Cats
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Urinary Disease
  • Wellness
  • Senior Care
  • Vaccinations
  • And so much more!


Take back control of your pet's health with our monthly live webinars and access to our extensive library. You'll find topics that are controversial and very important to know so that you can optimize your pet's health and avoid disease and expensive vet bills.


Get access to all of these webinars (and many more) plus PDFs, powerpoints, and guides so that give you easy-to-implement frameworks to help your pets thrive naturally starting from day one.


Dog and cat in grass

“The reason I enjoy Dr. Katie's webinars so much is because it is so obvious that she is willing and wants to share her knowledge and experiences. I wish you could see the joy on her face when she's speaking.  It makes me feel very comfortable trusting her advice and opinions. Her patients are so fortunate.”


"Dr. Katie was so knowledgeable and helpful! She broke down the issues with the pet food industry in an understandable way that gives you the tools and power to make the best choices for your pet. I felt "stuck" with the advice from our current vet and was looking for some holistic options. I am so grateful for her advice with my dog dealing with allergies/sensitivities!"


“Dr. Woodley is amazing! She has a sound knowledge of western veterinary medicine, but when that can't help, she offers solutions through a wide range of natural and holistic treatments including, but not limited to, nutrition, acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine. My pets and I are so happy to have found her!”



Dr. Katie Woodley, BVSc, GDVCHM, cVMA

Like you, I'm a pet parent.  I've struggled with pets having cancer and have felt the pain of pet loss and also being told there was nothing more I could do.  I knew there was more we could do, which is why I started down the journey of learning more about Eastern medicine and integrating this incredible form of medicine into my treatment plans for my veterinary patients. 

I'm on a mission to make sure pet parents can do whatever they can to help their beloved pets thrive and live a long and vibrant life with easy-to-implement plans.  This club was created for amazing pet parents like you who want more and need these resources to help your pets live a long and vibrant life.  Let's do this together!



This single member benefit alone could easily pay for your VIP Natural Pet Parent Club subscription. 


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