Wouldn't it feel amazing to have the holistic tools needed to help your pets thrive?

Are you ready for a plan that will help your pet gain optimal health?  

Are you ready to learn how to prevent disease and reduce expensive veterinary bills?

Maybe you've read the back of the dog or cat food bag and wondered if this was really the best food for your pet?  

Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to optimize your pet's health than through a kibble diet and vaccines every year? 

Together we can help you with the next step and how to find those answers to help your pet thrive naturally, prevent disease so that your pet can live a long and happy life. Finally, a natural pet health club where you can get access to an expert holistic vet that combines the best of conventional with the healing properties of holistic medicine to help your pet avoid painful diseases and achieve optimal health to live the long and vibrant life your pet deserves. 

Join our VIP Natural Pet Parent's Club today to receive the help and guidance you want and need to help your pets live their best life!


Holistic medicine isn't always easy to find for your pets. 

You may feel frustrated with the lack of guidance and holistic care. That's why we created a club to give you the support you need for your pets!

Have you ever felt frustrated with your conventional vet's answers and felt like you needed a plan or knew there was a better way?

Taking good care of your pets isn't always easy, which is why we're here to help. 

Holistic medicine is not commonly taught in veterinary schools.  This is why most veterinarians feel uncomfortable when pet parents ask about this alternative form of medicine. 

Our mission is to bridge this gap of Eastern with conventional and provide the safe and effective treatment options you're seeking for your fur family.

This is why we created the VIP Natural Pet Parent's Club for you.  You'll receive incredible educational webinars, delivered to you every month along with other content and guides tailored for you to keep your pet healthy.

You'll also become a part of an incredible world-wide holistic pet parent community that is knowledgeable, supportive, and wants to help your pet thrive.  

The Time Is Now To Help Your Pet Achieve Optimal Health.


Our VIP club is the most valuable and convenient place to find actionable holistic pet health advice when you need it. 

Finding holistic professional advice for your pet's health issues should NOT be a struggle.

As a member, it's not, and beneficial information is always at your fingertips. Find the answers you're looking for with our other members and in our webinars, numerous guides, and resources in the member's area.

Ask holistic experts questions in the live webinars and chat with other members in our private group.

Just by reading this now, you're already taking a giant leap forward for your pet's health.

Be a part of a growing community of like-minded pet parents just like you.  I guarantee you won't regret it and your pet will reward you with warm, furry snuggles and wet kisses for years to come. 

You're ready for our club if:

  • You want to learn the APPROACH TO HEALTH that supports YOUR PET'S HEALTH for the rest of their life so that they have ENERGY and ZEST to greet you at the door every day you get home.

  • You want SIMPLE AND EASY TIPS THAT YOU CAN IMPLEMENT IMMEDIATELY to help your pets feel better and stay healthy so that they have that "get up and go" VITALITY for you to spend a long, healthy and active life with them. 

  • You want to SAVE MONEY on vet bills and focus on keeping your fur family healthy without stress and worry, because you have a plan and guidance.

  • You want to FEEL EMPOWERED in the medical choices you make for your pets so that the sweet, loving look in your precious pet's eyes greet you for years to come.

  • You want to JOIN A COMMUNITY of like-minded pet lovers so that you have the SUPPORT, GUIDANCE, and sense of BELONGING with other pet parents .

  • You want to join a community where there is NO JUDGMENT on a holistic approach to your pet's care.




  • 1-hour live monthly webinar with holistic experts and Dr. Katie
  • Access to a private members-only forum with monthly Q&A with Dr. Katie
  • 10% discount on personalized consultations
  • Weekly newsletter with pet wellness tips
  • Access to bonus webinars and additional resources
  • Numerous pet health guides
  • Access to downloadable PDF PowerPoint presentations to easily follow along with the webinars
  • Support from like-minded pet parents
  • Each month ask questions at the live Q&A after the monthly webinar


$350 per year (SAVE over $100)


  • Pay the entire year in advance and save!
  • Same benefits as monthly: 1-hour live webinar, access to the private members-only forum, a weekly newsletter, monthly Q&A with Dr. Katie, additional resources, and bonuses
  • 15% off private consultations with Dr. Katie for the entire year!
  • PLUS THIS EXCLUSIVE COURSE UNLOCKED NOW: Holistic Pet Wellness Course (a $197 value) which provides in-depth easy to implement wellness tips for your dogs and cats during each life-stage to optimize health and wellness for your beloved fur family

Your Pet is Counting on You!

Our monthly videos and membership resources empower you with the information you need to heal your pets and prevent disease in the first place. 

We're seeing illness in pets earlier and earlier.  60% of pets will develop cancer at some point in their life.  Your pet needs you more than ever now to help them achieve a vibrant and long life free of disease! 

Our webinars cover topics ranging from:

  • Allergies
  • Cancer 
  • Nutrition 
  • Grain-free Controversy
  • Essential Oils
  • Kidney Disease in Cats
  • Urinary Disease
  • Wellness
  • Senior Care
  • Vaccinations
  • And so much more!

Some examples of past webinars include:

Healthy pet food
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Dr. Katie, BVSc, GDVCHM, cVMA

Like you, I'm a pet parent.  I've struggled with pets having cancer and have felt the pain of pet loss and also being told there was nothing more I could do.  I knew there was more we could do, which is why I started down the journey of learning more about Eastern medicine and integrating this incredible form of medicine into my treatment plans. 

I'm on a mission to make sure pet parents can do whatever they can to help their beloved pets thrive and live a long and vibrant life with easy to implement plans.  This club was created for amazing pet parents like you who want more and need these resources to help your pets live a long and vibrant life.  Let's do this together!


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“The reason I enjoy Dr. Katie's webinars so much is because it is so obvious that she is willing and wants to share her knowledge and experiences. I wish you could see the joy on her face when she's speaking.  It makes me feel very comfortable trusting her advice and opinions. Her patients are so fortunate.”


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“Dr. Woodley is amazing! She has a sound knowledge of western veterinary medicine, but when that can't help, she offers solutions through a wide range of natural and holistic treatments including, but not limited to, nutrition, acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine. My pets and I are so happy to have found her!”


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“Dr. Katie is wonderful. She has true compassion for animals and their people and a sincere passion for her work. Her embrace of natural healing methods paired with her education in conventional veterinary care gives her in-depth knowledge and skill that I greatly appreciate. Dr. Katie is kind, helpful, and very thorough. I recommend her with no reservations.”

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Watch Dr. Katie Woodley Live!

Join our live holistic pet health webinars with expert holistic veterinarian, Dr. Katie Woodley, and other holistic health experts. Each "intensive" will focus on a particular pet health topic, provide you with the tools you need to create optimal health and treat disease for your pets, and are open for questions from you at the end of each webinar!

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Help Yourself and Other Pet Parents!

Introduce yourself, ask questions, and share stories with hundreds of other dedicated pet parents like you. By joining our Natural Pet Parents community you have a private, members-only support online where you can share what's worked for you and learn from other like-minded, incredible pet parents from around the world.

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Prevent Disease Long-term 

As a proactive VIP pet parent, you're helping to prevent disease from occurring in your beloved pets or reversing disease by implementing a holistic lifestyle.  Our webinars provide you with numerous ways to prevent disease but also a different way to treat disease with natural, safe remedies so that you can enjoy a vibrant life with your precious fur family for many years to come. 




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