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Holistic Pet Wellness Guide: Your guide to helping your dog and cat thrive lifelong (eBook)

It is my goal to provide an easy to apply and effective healthy habits book that celebrates and fosters the bond between humans and their furry family members.  To achieve this goal, I provide the very best value in both traditional and integrative veterinary care with compassion, empathy and the personalized touch you and your beloved pets deserve.  Did you know the food you’re feeding your pets could be making them sick?  It’s true!  Find out how and why in our eBook and what you can do to help them.   In our eBook, we share: - The best kept nutritional and vaccine secrets that will help your pets live much longer and healthier lives - How you can feed your pets the best food, whether it’s a balanced home-cooked diet or picking the right brand that works for you and your pet - The essential steps for pet parents to navigate treatment options for their pets that leveraged the best traditional and holistic veterinary methods This e-Book is an in-depth guide to the different life stages for dogs and cats.  The book covers everything from nutrition, vaccinations, vaccine titers, natural parasite prevention, touches on essential oils, and many more topics that you can easily implement to help your pet stay healthy throughout their life.  This eBook includes multiple resources and links for you to purchase supplements that are recommended and easy to follow guides to help your pets achieve and maintain wellness throughout their life.   All of the recommended treatments revealed in this book are backed by extensive research and from years of success using these treatments in our clinical practice.  So what are you waiting for?  Your pet deserves optimal health starting today! 

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