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Transform Your Pet's Health Naturally: The Blueprint to End Chronic Gut and Skin Issues

Have you tried countless supplements, foods, and vets without finding a lasting solution? Are you frustrated as your pet continues to suffer from symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, acid reflux, or persistent allergies?

Join Dr. Katie Woodley, The Natural Pet Doctor, in this enlightening masterclass to uncover the root cause of your pet's health issues and restore their well-being.

Watch Now and Help Your Pet Feel Better!


 Your Journey To Natural Pet Wellness Begins Now

Are you worried that you're only treating your pet's gut and skin symptoms and something is being missed?

Do you feel alone or even hopeless that there’s nothing more you can do to help your precious pet after going to the vet over and over again for the same problem?

You know there’s another way to help your pet, but you’re not sure where to start and worried that you may cause harm trying different holistic remedies.

If you’re feeling frustrated and confused on how to help your pet truly heal and regain their health, your search can stop here.

Natural pet care with a true holistic vet is now available no matter where you're located.


I'm Dr. Katie - Holistic Veterinarian

I know what it's like to spend sleepless nights worrying about a sick pet—because I've been there, too.

My journey began when my husband was diagnosed with an autoimmune gut health disease, and it reached a low point after losing my soul dog, Finn, to a brain tumor. But those struggles opened up a new, transformative path for me.

Today, I empower thousands of pet parents to regain their confidence and strength through a holistic health framework that's easy to implement from home. This approach addresses the root cause of symptoms that have been frustrating to treat. I've guided many in helping their pets achieve optimal health and longevity, and I'm committed to helping you do the same.

Why? Because you deserve to be your pet's best advocate, equipped with holistic tools and strategies that even most veterinarians aren't taught. Let's help your pets thrive naturally.

Are you ready?

Let's embark on this journey together!


Want our how-to guide to improve your pet's food to optimize health?

Get your free guide on how to optimize and use natural pet food so that you can help your fur family live a long and healthy life!

3 Ways We Can Help You

If you’re feeling frustrated and confused on how to help your pet achieve vibrancy and optimal health again, your search can stop here. Natural pet care with a holistic vet is now available no matter where you’re located.

Healthy Holistic Pet For Life Blueprint

If you like weekly support from a holistic vet, a like-minded pet parent community, and feeling confident and supported with your pet's care to find and heal your pet's gut health and skin issues holistically, then make sure to check out our Healthy Holistic Pet For Life Blueprint program. Watch our free masterclass to learn more about our lifetime online support program for committed pet parents!


Holistic Pet Care eBooks and Courses

Our holistic pet health eBooks and onine self-paced courses are an excellent resource for the DIYer pet parent. You’ll gain the blueprint to help your dog and cat stay healthy throughout each life stage with healthy pet food and feel more confident with other holistic care practices, like how to use herbs, supplements and essential oils. Get started today!


Weekly Holistic Pet Health Education

Want to learn more about holistic medicine? Every week a new blog post and YouTube video are uploaded along with daily tips on our Facebook and Instagram pages and YouTube channel. This natural pet health information provides you with natural pet care and holistic advice that can help you get started with holistic medicine today and most importantly feel empowered along the way. 


"My two Aussies have benefited from Dr. Woodley's professionalism for the past two years. I highly recommend her for anyone who knows, or would like to learn the benefits of integrative medicine. I appreciate that Dr. Woodley provides healthier, alternative choices for optimizing my dogs wellness and longevity. Thanks, Dr. Woodley!"

Nancy W.

"My cat developed asthma, was having daily scary attacks, and was prescribed steroids as the only means to help, from several Vets we saw. I know the negative effects of long time steroid use, so researched until I found Dr. Katie, who uses alternative natural options. She put my cat on a daily homeopathic herbal treatment. It has been 4 years on this treatment and he not only improved greatly, but has continued to maintain."

Mary A.

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