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I'm Dr. Katie Woodley, an expert holistic veterinarian, who is incredibly passionate about expanding the holistic medicine options that are available to pets regardless of location.  Through my own journey of my pet's battling cancer, I am on a mission to make sure pet parents can do whatever they can to help their beloved pets thrive and live a long and vibrant life with easy to implement plans.  I look forward to partnering with you to help your pets and reduce your stress and worry about your pet's care.  Let's do this together!



Our services range from phone consultations to in-person consultations about nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, essential oils and supplements. The treatment plans are tailored to what works best for you and what you are seeking to help your pet heal or maintain optimal wellness.

Nutritional Consultation

Nutrition is the foundation for health.  Let's develop a nutritional plan that works best for your pet to help them thrive or heal disease.  Using the right nutrition does not have to be time intensive or expensive.  The nutritional plan is tailored to your lifestyle and budget so there is no stress involved. 

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Herbal Medicine Consultations

Herbal medicine can be utilized and integrated into your pet's conventional treatment plan to help keep your pet healthy or heal disease.  Find out how herbal medicine can complement the treatment your pet is receiving or how it can keep them healthy.  


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Educational Content

Have you ever wished you could know more about holistic medicine to help your pet from home?  What about empowering yourself to know what questions to ask your veterinarian to help your pet thrive more naturally? Check out our library for content that you can own to do it yourself! 

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"My two Aussies have benefited from Dr. Woodley's professionalism for the past two years. I highly recommend her for anyone who knows, or would like to learn the benefits of integrative medicine. I appreciate that Dr. Woodley provides healthier, alternative choices for optimizing my dogs wellness and longevity. Thanks, Dr. Woodley!"

Nancy W.

"My cat developed asthma, was having daily scary attacks, and was prescribed steroids as the only means to help, from several Vets we saw. I know the negative effects of long time steroid use, so researched until I found Dr. Katie, who uses alternative natural options. She put my cat on a daily homeopathic herbal treatment. It has been 4 years on this treatment and he not only improved greatly, but has continued to maintain."

Mary A.

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