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How Cancer Changed Our Lives

I have a confession to make....yes all three of my pets have or had and died from cancer. This truth has been very hard for me to deal with as a holistic veterinarian. I advise people on how to help their pets thrive naturally and achieve their best health and here I am with three pets that I haven’t been able to save or prevent from developing cancer.
However, if I only focused on the fact that they developed cancer and I didn’t fix them, then how could I help other people’s pets. There are also so many unknowns to pets and people developing cancer. What is the environment like, emotional state, stressors, diet, toxins from environment, vaccines, drugs, and so many other factors that we cannot always control.
So if I continued to blame myself and question why I let this happen, then I would not be focused on the right path of how do I help my pets feel their best for as long as possible.
 I see and hear so many pet owners doing this to themselves...
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